How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room

Small Living Room Furnitures

Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room. There are many ways you can arrange furniture in a smaller living area. A popular arrangement is to use a grouping of identical chairs around a central focus, like a fireplace, television, or dining room table. Arrange (or Make) a FocalPoint Every room has a specific focal point that draws the eye, regardless of what your perspective of the room may be. It is a dominant feature that draws the eye and holds the interest of the viewer, regardless of what kind of picture-in-the-frame it is. Think of a characteristic, or defining feature, of the room that lends itself to interesting conversation.

Arrange Furniture by Arranging the Fireplace Arrangement: Arrange your fireplace in the center of a small living room by aligning the chairs to either side of the fireplace and forming an arch over the middle of each chair. Arrange some matching armchairs along the wall, across from the fireplace, and then toward the far side of the arch. You should have enough seating for all of your guests without overcrowding them. A buffet spread with platters of thin sliced roast chicken, steamed vegetables, and maybe a few cubes of roasted potatoes or a selection of cheeses would be a nice addition. Or, arrange some complimentary snacks on the buffet spread so that guests can refuel while they talk.

Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room by Arranging the Ceiling Fans: Another popular way to arrange furniture in a small living room is to arrange the ceiling fans in several different configurations. You could put one fan in each corner and alternate the other fan around the perimeter, or even hang two fans on the ceiling in the same configuration, facing each other. Another option would be to get several different models of ceiling fans and set them in different configurations, perhaps in pairs on opposite sides of the fireplace. This arrangement allows you to choose the best configuration that gives you the most ventilation while not drawing attention to any particular configuration.

Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room by Arranging the Floor Coverings: Arrange the floor covering in your living room in the same way that you arrange the various pieces of furniture. Use rugs, area rugs, or any other type of floor coverings that will enhance the look and function of your fireplace without taking focus away from the focal point. Use rugs that match the color of the walls to coordinate the overall look. It is also a good idea to choose rugs that are patterned or have borders in the same color as the wall colors.

Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room by Using a Big Area Rug: If your focal point of interest is a big picture, such as a large fireplace, you may want to consider an open-backed area rug. These rugs are usually smaller than traditional area rugs, measuring between four and eight feet in width and between twelve and twenty-four feet in length. They come in many colors, with patterns ranging from classic designs to geometric patterns. Area rugs provide warmth underfoot, but they also serve as decorative art in their own right. Arranging big enough area rugs in your small living room furniture arrangement can help to define a unique focal point that doesn’t distract from the conversation. Arrange the other furnishings in a similar style and color scheme to the rugs in your arrangement, and you have created a stylish spot to enjoy conversation.

Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room by Using Side Tables and Coffee Tables: Side tables and coffee tables can provide extra storage space as well as a place to set magazines and newspapers. Since they are usually smaller than the other furniture pieces in your arrangement, they allow you to create different configurations without having to change the sizes of your sofa or other larger pieces. A side table for instance, can be used for storing small items like keys and scarves, as well as serving as a spot for a napkin or glass. You can also use a coffee table as a place for a chair. You can change the configuration of your sofa to use the coffee table as needed, and you’ll have a unique focal point in your living room that doesn’t distract from the other elements.

Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room by Using Armchairs and Sofa: Arrange pieces of furniture in your arrangement in the same way you’d arrange a traditional set. Place the sofa in the middle of the space, with an armchair or accent chair at either end. Then put smaller pieces of furniture, such as loveseats or chairs, across the sofa. You can use end tables or accent tables to further the effect. This type of arrangement is best used if you have smaller sized areas to work with, since a full-sized dining room will only allow you to arrange a limited amount of seating spaces.

Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room by Making Use of Sectionals: A sectional sofa, known as a ” Sectional Sofa” in home decorating parlance, offers you more room to move than a traditional sofa, even when the area it covers is much smaller. By grouping your furniture based on a specific function, such as a set of matching love seats, you can make a room feel larger than it actually is. If you have a small dining room, add a large sectional sofa to the center of the room and in the nearer wall place a hanging mirror, for more seating variety. This allows you to move freely through the space, allowing you to eat without having to move from one area of the table to another.

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