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Best Bedding Plants for your Garden

Bedding plants can be very attractive, colorful annuals which really accent your garden. Are you searching for exotic colorful bedding plants for your garden in Australia? Look no farther! Visit online collection of bedding plants through easy to access, convenient web store at Garden Centres Online and pick and purchase your favorite flowering plants now. You can also take the help of our online nursery experts who can guide you through the proper selection process.

To enhance your home decor, you can always go with bedding plants which not only beautify your home but also make it look brighter and more colorful. If you have a large garden area, there are various bedding plants which you can choose to brighten up the look of your garden. Choose sweet peas, bythea lilies, marigolds and ficus for flower beds. These lovely flowers bloom during late summer and early fall. They will keep you engaged and pleased forever. In addition, the fragrant aroma and wonderful appearance of these flowerbeds will surely mesmerize you.

For a chilly climate, you can go with the evergreen shrubs, like azaleas, cherry trees and the like. This variety is very cold hardy and is ideal for containers grown in cold conditions. The evergreen varieties of plants are perfect as winter decorations. These flowers will remain green even in the coldest months of winter.

You can also select flowering annuals, like hydrangeas, daffodils, sedums and violets. These flowers bloom in full colour from December to March. They will give a festive feel to your garden and provide colour all year round. The lovely fragrance of these plants will put a freshness to the air. Other attractive colouring bedding plants include the variegated variegates, the bluebells and the varigated ivy.

You have a wide choice of flowering annuals and some of them can be used as ground covers. The flowers of the annual varieties are long lasting and are available in a variety of colour. Some of the common flowers grown as ground covers are the gladioli, the hibiscus, the anemone and the scabiosa. If you want to add colour to your landscaping, try using the variegated varieties. Variegation will attract butterflies and black-leaved varieties can provide social distancing.

During winter, you should try to grow some of the perennial flowers which you can use as runners. These flowers will survive even with less sunlight. The runners, if planted at the base of a shrub or bush, will form a nice border. There are some excellent perennials available including the iris, columbine, columella, calkia, Chrysanthemum and the orchid. All these flowers will bloom throughout the winter season.

Spring planting can make your garden look attractive from early November till April. You can also plant the flowers in summer, but the best time for planting is in late fall or early spring. The earlier you plant the flowers, the better they will survive the winter. In spring, you can try to get the plants close together and then transfer them to the garden bed.

One good way of keeping the warm months in and the cold months out is to make use of annuals, perennials and winter bedding plants for your garden. You have a wide range of plants from which to choose. The best time to plant is in spring and especially in summer. With careful planning, you will be able to grow a beautiful garden all year round.

Winter Bedding Plants for your Garden Winter bedding plants can be used in any part of the year. They are great to keep in winter due to their ability to withstand frost. A lot of people like to plant annuals in their garden since they do not need replanting after the first frost. Annuals need to be planted every two to three years. Perennial plants on the other hand need to be planted every year since they will survive the winter to blooming again in the spring.

Spring Bedding Plants for your Garden Spring planting is very important as it will help your garden to thrive and look beautiful during the growing season. Most flower gardening starts in the spring and continues all through the summer season. This is why most flower gardeners will tend to plant a variety of flowering plants in spring. A good way to get started is to plant shrubs, vines and ground covers such as sunflowers, buckeye, hollyhocks, black-eyed susans and redsteffles among other flowers. These are just some of the springtime flowers you can consider planting in your garden.

Summer Bedding Plants for your Garden The best time to plant these types of Bedding Plants for your Garden is in summer. Most flowers love the heat and love it even more in summer. The best time to grow these flowering plants for your garden is during late summer through early autumn. The flowers are nice and pretty all year round but in summer it is the perfect time to give them brightening flowers with different color. Most people like to use blooming annuals in their flowerbeds in summer but you can also try using perennials if you want. In the fall you can also try planting some bright fall flowers including: sunflowers, buckeye, hollyhocks, black-eyed susans and redsteffles among many others.

By DianeAshley, April 25, 2021 I love all things home and garden, DIY and renovation is my passion and I love creating detailed how to guides.  When I put my tape measure away I can usually be found out walking my dogs or enjoying life with my friends.


I love all things home and garden, DIY and renovation is my passion and I love creating detailed how to guides.  When I put my tape measure away I can usually be found out walking my dogs or enjoying life with my friends.